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Our Philosophy to managing our land assets:

We graze the land focusing on the lands needs, we try and “bank” some of these for when we may need them to fulfill some of the livestock production requirements.

We provide our stock with water via a pipeline (with water sourced from the Anabranch Water pipeline) to stock troughs via a tank so that we have a buffer and can constantly deliver a good flow (>3ltrs/sec) into the trough to water large mobs of stock.

We believe in using as little material as possible as a fence to us is about setting boundaries, not being a barrier. Most of our fencing is 3 wire electric, suitable for sheep/cattle/goats

We love seeing wildlife, as with everything though, all in moderation so we actively try and keep the wildlife moving through Wyndham and certainly at times they are controlled by hunters (that are licensed and sign our hunting policy)

The health of our soils is the key to our business, in order to have the nutrients and minerals etc produced for us by nature we make sure that we allow our soils to work for us.

Microbes & bugs etc
These little workers are very important we love to see lots of soil activity so we need to make sure we grow enough root matter for them and enable good water permeability into the soil.

We have set up 4 monitoring points across Wyndham that we have assessed each year since 2009. At these sites we measure groundcover (plants & litter only), species diversity and available pasture bulk. We also measure our grazing by using an RCS Grazing Chart, this plots our stocking rate and our carrying capacity, it also charts our improvement in water use efficiency over time.

Grass for Sale (Agistment)
We are currently after 1200-1500dse’s (about 1,000-1,200 ewes or 120-180 cattle).  The stock will be run in 1 mob and we charge $0.50/dse/week that is billed monthly.  A contract will be drawn up so that both parties are clear on their needs and obligations.



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