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May 24, 2013

Job/Lifestyle Opportunity

We have the opportunity for a person/family to be part of our business.  My parents have just decided to retire and so we need someone to live in their house, manage the livestock and the land on their wonderful property.

The property is 19,000ha in size with the house beautifully set on the banks of the Anabranch River.  Currently their property has about 3,500 merino sheep with 1400ha of lakebed crop that is planted and another 1400ha under water and due to crop next year.

We see the opportunity of the applicant to not only do these jobs (about 3 days a week), also to bring their skills to our business and see just where we can go.  So if you see the future with as brighter eyes as we do, have energy, enthusiasm & passion then this job may well be for you.

We look forward to hearing from some of you wonderful people.



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